Estate agency

As the Team of Isa International we are specialised in the art of selling and we understand the art of living.

And that is reason why we care to satisfy not only the needs, but also the dreams and ambitions of every client, given that each client is unique.

We want to make the purchase or sale of a property to be a satisfying experience, without uncertainties and offering full guarantee at each phase of the process. We therefore maintain a personalised treatment and direct communication with our clients.

In Isa International we give advice during the entire purchase or sale process, providing you with our knowledge on urban management issues, to obtain licences, technical consultancy, Banks, to obtain the Foreigners’ Identification Number (NIE) etc.

Isa International is composed of a professional team that is perfectly qualified to attend to the needs and dreams of our clients in a quick and efficient way in Spanish, German, English, French and Flemish.

We like to establish long term and stable relationships with our clients, we are therefore always at your disposal even after the purchase or sale has been completed.

We are looking forward to meet you…

Isa International

“The  ISA International  keys”


  • Determination: Because for every property there is an ideal buyer.
  • Specialization: Because although it is good to know a little of everything, it is necessary to know everything about what you are dedicated to, and for that, to never stop learning.
  • Commitment: Because for someone to leave you the keys to their house, you must earn their trust.
  • Vocation: Because the best professional is the one who loves his work and puts passion into it.
  • Dedication: Because the client comes first, whether it’s Tuesday or Sunday.
  • Flexibility: Because you have to adapt to the circumstances and make the best of it.
  • Effectiveness: Because the method matters, but the result is the essential part.
  • Experience: Because only day-to-day hard work turns a good professional into an excellent one.

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